Maximum comfortable conditions are created for volunteers in the clinic:

  •   Complex examination
  •   Comfortable rooms
  •   Good quality nutrition
  •   TV 
  •   Wi-Fi
  •   Cooperation on a contractual basis
  •   Timely financial calculation



      To get laboratory – instrumental examination free-of-charge

      To get health information and examination results free-of-charge

      To get opportunity to help other people

      To get financial compensation for study participation  

Remuneration is provided for participation of volunteers in a clinical study. Remuneration is paid in accordance with executed agreement. To enter into agreementyou should have the following:

  •  passport with registration
  •  individual insurance account number (SNILS)
  •  TIN
  •  bank details for money transfer

Remuneration is paid to volunteer completing all study proceduresPlease ask your physician about remuneration sum before you sign informed consent.