Multi-profile clinic “Certa Clinic” LLC — a modern medical research center located in the south-eastern Moscow on the territory of Technopark “MOSMEDPARK”. The Clinic is established in 2018 as the clinical center for I-IV phase trials and bioequivalence studies, as well for rendering good quality, specialized medical care to citizens of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

“Certa Clinic” has gathered a professional, highly qualified, thinking, energetic, united team of physicians and medical nurses experienced in various types of clinical trials.

The idea to create a new specialized center was dictated by the necessity of professional conduct of clinical trials and obtaining good quality data in short terms. On the base of “Certa Clinic”, clinical bioequivalence studies, registration, post-authorization, observational studies of drugs are carried out in therapy, cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, dermatology.

Physicians of “Certa Clinic” render professional, good quality specialized medical care. We offer comfortable conditions, cozy atmosphere, attentive and good-minded attitude to our patients.