The clinic is located in a separately standing building of area 500 m2.

The clinic structure contains outpatient unit and 32-bed inpatient unit. The clinic infrastructure meets the requirements of the Russian and international practice for I-IV phase trials and bioequivalence studies.

The location of rooms and internal decoration meets all necessary sanitary requirements imposed to a medical institution. The building is equipped with fire fighting system and emergency power supply in the event of power supply breakdown.

The clinic has outpatient admission rooms for patients and volunteers, procedure room, functional diagnostics room (ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, external respiration function, Holter ECG monitoring, etc.), room for drug storage with temperature mode control. There is an intensive care room fitted with all necessary resuscitation equipment. All clinic rooms are controlled and have a limited access.

The clinic is fitted with all necessary diagnostic measuring equipment for medical examinations, instrumental test and diagnostic tests. The clinic has professional pharmaceutical equipment for storage of pharmaceutical products. The refrigerating equipment with a wide regulated range of temperatures including ultra low ones, is available for storage of biological samples. The equipment is annually verified by the state accredited metrological control agency.

The control over a study progress in the clinical center, as well as the procedure of 24-hour monitoring of volunteers and patients are performed using modern video-recording systems, individual buttons for emergency call of medical personnel.

The power supply system of the clinical center building contains emergency power supply in the event of unexpected situations and power supply breakdown.